Progressive Enterprises South Island Distribution Centre Christchurch

Following on from our excellent efforts at Progressives Northern Distribution Centre we were awarded the contract to upgrade the roof level sprinkler protection to this 18,000 sq m existing warehouse with ESFR roof protection to FM Global standards.

Due to operational restraints our work could only be carried out at night. It was also a requirement of the insurer that the system be kept live during the operational hours.

The works entailed the pre manufacture of all piping, and the sequential removal of the existing system and replacing with the new system as we progressed.

All of this achieved at nights, without interruption to our clients operation , and working in and around a fully stocked warehouse racking system.

Following on from this we were then engaged to extend the Fire Systems into the new 7000 sq m extension of the warehouse, once again to FM standards with ESFR sprinklers to high level and Scheme A protection to the flammable goods area of the warehouse. The existing fire alarm system was also upgraded at this point an Analogue Addressable system throughout.

Contract Value $1,500,000            Completed Sept  2012